Julia Lane, PhD

Professor, NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress and Professor of Public Affairs, NYU Wagner

Dr. Lane is an economist who is the co-founder of the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamic (LEHD) partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau. LEHD data has been used to analyze commuting patterns for transportation planning, and the study of workforce turnover, pensions, and low-wage work. Dr. Lane started at the National Science Foundation as senior program director of the Science of Science and Innovation Policy Program to quantify the results of federal stimulus spending is the basis of the new Institute for Research on Innovation and Science at the University of Michigan. The data will be used to describe the structure of the research workforce, the nature and evolution of research collaborations, and the diffusion of sponsored research results. Dr. Lane has had leadership positions in a number of policy and data science initiatives, which include senior managing economist at the American Institutes for Research and senior vice president and director at the Economics Department at NORC/University of Chicago.